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The Importance of Reviews

Power of Reviews

We all know reviews are important, just look at what we do when we look at items on amazon or if we look for a new contractor we ask our friends and then start looking online for reviews. This survey by Power Reviews gives a great snapshot

The Power of Review Volume & Recency explores the importance to consumers of product review volumes and review recency when shopping online. Key findings include: Consumers value (and expect) recent reviews.

97% of consumers consider review recency to be at least somewhat important when considering a purchase.
64% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product with fewer, more recent reviews than if it has a higher volume of reviews published three or more months ago. This number is even higher – 69% – among Boomers. 
86% of shoppers feel that review recency is more important when considering a product or brand they haven’t purchased before.  
Ideally, nearly half (44%) of consumers want to be able to find reviews written within the past month.

Power Reviews