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Sell-side Mergers and Acquisitions.

Advisor M&A Tip-No Haircuts

Imagine a buyer has offered you a six-multiple on EBITDA in their initial letter of intent. Unfortunately, you don’t have clean financials that have been tested and scrutinized by an outside party. Once the buyer vets your financials, they uncover some adjustments they don’t agree with and revenue that was… Read More »Advisor M&A Tip-No Haircuts

Sell to Grow

Has your business gotten to the point where it needs a large capital infusion to grow? But taking on personal guarantees for that amount of debt is more than you can stomach? We hear this all the time. For some business owners, this is the sign to exit their business.… Read More »Sell to Grow

Maximize Your Profit

When selling your business, pay careful attention to your tax obligations, before you get to the negotiation stage. We advise sellers to work with an M&A tax adviser who can help you understand the tax implications of different deal structures. A specialized tax adviser will guide you through the implications… Read More »Maximize Your Profit