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Maximize Your Profit

When selling your business, pay careful attention to your tax obligations, before you get to the negotiation stage. We advise sellers to work with an M&A tax adviser who can help you understand the tax implications of different deal structures. A specialized tax adviser will guide you through the implications… Read More »Maximize Your Profit

Sell with a Bright Future

When valuing your business, buyers will focus on your recent growth record, giving the most emphasis to the trailing 12 months of performance. But buyers are also keenly interested in future potential. When selling, put together a realistic growth strategy, along with the costs to get there. Show buyers the… Read More »Sell with a Bright Future

Buyers: Who, What & Why

Do you know who is likely to purchase the business you just decided to sell or you received an Engagement Agreement? Are you targeting the appropriate buyers? The Q1 2019 Market Pulse Survey* reveals that, on average, advisors receive about 25 unqualified buyer inquiries per engagement. In order to understand… Read More »Buyers: Who, What & Why