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Having actively participated in a family-owned business, Hanna Hansen gained hands-on experience that instilled a strong work ethic and a customer-focused approach. This background, coupled with tutoring experience, reflects Hanna‘s ability to simplify complex concepts and communicate effectively.

Hanna applies her analytical skills and solid understanding of financial principles to assist clients in making well-informed decisions. Adept at conducting thorough financial analyses, she ensures transparency in communication and strives to facilitate smooth business transactions.

In navigating the business brokerage landscape, Hanna is driven by a genuine passion for helping clients achieve their business objectives. With a commitment to practical insights and transparent dealings, she contributes to the success of clients at Delta, often offering fresh insights.

Hanna holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a double major in Finance and Business Economics, and a minor in Mathematics, showcasing a solid academic foundation that complements the practical experience brought to the table.