November 2019

Know Your Buyer

Retirement continues to lead as the number one reason to sell across all sectors, followed by burnout.  Nevertheless, the majority of Main Street business owners fail to plan for the sale of their business. Advisors indicated that 85% of business owners in the, $500,000 sector conducted no formal planning and… Read More »Know Your Buyer

A Process, Not An Event

A successful sale requires a good deal of pre-planning. We recommend owners start preparing at least three years in advance. Depending on your situation, we might suggest developing key staff or management, documenting operations, or controlling working capital. The national average for a home sale is 68 days while the… Read More »A Process, Not An Event

WSJ Features Market Pulse Survey 2019-11-18

This Market Pulse excerpt below was included in the WSJ Daily Shot section: By Lev Borodovsky Nov 18, 2019 9. Business brokers are reporting softer valuations on small ($0-2MM) and lower-middle-market businesses ($2MM-$50MM). Source: IBBA, M&A Source

I’ll Sell When I’m Ready

We take great pains to make sure our clients are mentally and emotionally prepared to sell. But personal readiness isn’t the only concern. Economic factors can significantly impact the sale. Your business value can be affected by the political climate, industry consolidation, trade wars, employment trends, and other economic measures.… Read More »I’ll Sell When I’m Ready