May 2020

Advertising: No to Hugging, Kissing, and Hand Shaking – Yes to Face Masks, Video Calling and Social Distancing

As discussed Monday, levity is  positive, a new trend ’new normal’ may be appearing as “net purchase likelihood among U.S. adults toward companies whose ads show people social distancing, wearing face masks and even participating in video calls has increased in recent weeks.” Source:   #DeltaBusinessAdvisors #MergersandAcquisitions #BusinessBrokers #MandAMarket #DailyBusinessAcumen

In Pandemic, Not Panic

Business advisors are digging in right now, trying to figure out how COVID-19 will affect their clients. We’ve been talking with business owners, active buyers, and other advisors around the country. Right now, we know that some M&A deals are getting delayed over routine process points. Certain bank approvals that… Read More »In Pandemic, Not Panic

Which Ad Types have Minimal Impact on Customer Purchase Likelihood?

Morning Consult’s research in March found that acknowledging the moment, appropriate communication and comforting messages had strong potential to increase consumer loyalty in the long-term. The longer this ‘crisis’ continues, they are finding that the emphatically empathetic messages to consumers during “these uncertain times” may have run their course. Source:  … Read More »Which Ad Types have Minimal Impact on Customer Purchase Likelihood?

Downtime: Use It to Add Value

Business owners are working to process the impact of COVID-19… and we’re investigating how it will affect M&A and business sales. As you’ve undoubtedly seen the short term impact is that companies have (and will) slow the pace of acquisitions. That’s natural in uncertain times.  However, market conditions are vastly… Read More »Downtime: Use It to Add Value