Tip #7 Understating Inventory

Reporting a lower inventory to their accountant is something many business owners have been doing for a long time. And many accountants just accept the number. In addition to the obvious [...]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Your business is on the market and you’re looking forward to that glorious day when you can let go of the pressure and responsibilities of ownership. But don’t let those future plans [...]

#1 Reason Businesses Do Not Sell

Market Pulse Survey – 3rd Quarter 2019 Presented by IBBA, M&A Source and in Partnership with Pepperdine University Research shows that only 20-33% of businesses for sale actually sell. [...]

Are Your Vendors Personal Relationships?

In a recent conversation with a Business Owner seeking to sell a 10-year-old business, we discovered that there were many personal relationships intertwined with their business ones. The major [...]

Are Customers Only in Your Rolodex?

If a Business Owner has a physical or electronic Rolodex with one or more key customers that they have dealt with exclusively, then a Buyer may become much less interested in buying the business, [...]

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