July 2019

The B2B Talk Radio Show

July 18, 2019 Today (July 18, 2019) was the premiere of the Bryan 2 Business Talk Radio Show. Great show, if you missed this broadcast you can listen to it here: https://b2bbryan.com/listen-to-shows . Bryan has in-depth discussions with leaders in the firearms industry. Larry Keene of the National Shooting Sports… Read More »The B2B Talk Radio Show

Know Your Buyer

Market Pulse Survey – 1st Quarter 2019Presented by IBBA, M&A Source and in Partnership with Pepperdine University $2MM-$5MM: Buyers in this sector tend to be: Existing companies (45%), first-time buyers (25%), or serial entrepreneurs (15%) Motivated to buy a job (40%), gain a horizontal add-on (30%), or realize a better… Read More »Know Your Buyer

The Barbeque Test

I was doing some reading recently and came across a corporate development group who referred to the “barbeque test” they use when determining culture fit. Basically, they ask themselves, “Would we have these folks over to our house for burgers and a beer?” I’d like to suggest the test works… Read More »The Barbeque Test